Welcome to Beveridge Place Pub!
Beveridge Place “opened” on October 27, 2003, however, its roots start back in December 2001, when we purchased the Full Moon Saloon.  In between, many changes were made – some subtle, some dramatic, but all with a purpose.  We strive to offer our guests the best beverage selection possible in a comfortable, lively setting.  We feature two unique atmospheres for your pleasure: the Front Room – vintage décor, couches, and board games; and the Game Room – darts, pool, foosball, and satellite TV.

The Beer.  It’s all about the beer.  Our philosophy is to offer on an ever-changing variety of craft-brewed draft ales and lagers on tap, focusing on those made in Washington.  The Pacific Northwest is recognized as the solid core of the microbrew movement and we want to support these talented local brewers.  We also regularly serve draft beers from foreign lands such as Europe, Asia, and Oregon.  Our bottled beer selection will transport you around the world.  The best offerings from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, and elsewhere are available for your enjoyment.

The Move.  In April 2008, after a year-long renovation, we moved into our new digs just across Beveridge Place from our original location.  While most people remember the building as the former Video Vault, old-timers also talk about the buildings original use – a tavern (the White Horse).   We brought all the good stuff with us: the backbar, antique furniture, the bowling lane bartop, yes, even the bartenders.  New additions include the outdoor seating area christened the “Beveranda”, a fancy walk-in for the kegs, & spacious restrooms (ask regulars about the old ones).    

The Backbar.  The visual centerpiece of our pub is our turn-of-the century (that’s 20th century) backbar.  She found her way to us through one alert bartender, Jennifer, and many helpful friends.  Rescued at an auction at the Buzz Inn in Kent, this 1907 Brunswick received a lot of TLC to bring back the original beauty of her cherry-stained tiger maple, including totally dismantling, cleaning (not refinishing!), and re-installing her in her new home.  We hope you agree that she’s one of the most impressive pieces of woodworking in the city! 

The Name. The name Beveridge Place Pub reflects the evolution of our place from tavern to alehouse – a comfortable “local” that emphasizes quality ales, lagers, wines, ciders, meads, and sake. The word “pub” is short for “public house”, which evokes that home-away-from-home feeling reminiscent of the neighborhood pubs of Great Britain and Ireland.  Beveridge Place is the name of the street that runs along-side our pub.  We felt that it was too much of a coincidence to pass up on this play on words.  
The Food. Along with the wide variety of beers and games, the Beveridge Place Pub also offers  the most diverse food selection in West Seattle – without a kitchen!  Ask your bartender for the Menu Book, which includes menus from local restaurants that provide delivery or take-out.  On any given night you can enjoy Italian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, and American cuisine, and the ever-popular beer food, pizza (we highly recommend Abbondanza).  We decided it was more important for us to concentrate on what we know best, quality beverages, and let the restaurants take care of what they do best, quality food.  You can even bring food from home.

So, pull up a chair, order a brew, kick back and stay a while.  We promise we’ll do our best to make you feel like you never left home.  We hope you come often to enjoy a pint (or two) among friends.